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Dracon Rules Design Studio

is a non-profit and non-governmental organization, aiming to facilitate and support activities that promote the use of board games and other unconventional methods as tools for Education and Inclusion.


The Organization offers expert
Board Game
Design services

Experienced Project Managers

Our staff has a 6-year experience in writing, managing and materializing successful Erasmus+ Projects


The Organization aims to
impactful projects

Our projects

Our board games

Soup Game

Board game produced during the
I-Game Project

Podium 4ESD

Board game produced during the
Competences 4ESD Project

Light Box

Board game produced during the
LearnArch Project

Latest news

KA2 Output: Board Game Design

Does your KA2 project need to design a Board Game tool?

KA2 Peer Review

Does your project include a board game, and requires external or internal professional/expert review or development?

KA2 Exchange/Small Scale & KA1 Host Organization: Game Design Course

Does your KA1 or KA2 project need a Structured Course on Game Design and Game Based Learning?

KA2 Prototyping

Does your project include a board game, and requires prototypes?

Work with us and include serious board games in the educational process

Schedule a meeting with our experienced project managers to explore our collaboration’s true potential