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Dracon at the “Future of Education” Conference in Serbia

Members of Dracon Rules Design Studio were delighted to take part in the “Future of School, Education, and Education” conference at Mount Tara, Serbia, which was held from November 5 to 7, 2023.

This event successfully united representatives from education organizations, faculties, trade unions, religious communities, and the Ministry of Education, providing a wide range of enlightening lectures. We were extremely delighted by the opportunity to present our impactful work on Erasmus+, which showcased our important contribution to education innovation.

The vibrant exchange of ideas and collaboration opportunities proved to be truly inspiring. As we say goodbye to Mount Tara, we are filled with eager anticipation for the future. Our mission to promote positive change in education remains steadfastly at the heart of our commitment. Our conference is just the beginning of a continued and dedicated effort to achieve excellence in education. In the spirit of ongoing cooperation, Dracon Rules Design Studio eagerly looks forward to incorporating the valuable lessons we have learned in our future endeavors.

The “Future of Education” conference was a pivotal moment, and we are prepared to actively contribute to creating a more promising educational environment. The path ahead is clear, and Dracon is more than willing to guide the way.