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First LTTA of I-Game Erasmus+ project

The 1 LTTA of the I-Game “Innovative GAming Methodologies in Education” Erasmus+ project took place in Pila, Poland in July 2022, providing the participants an insight of the manufacturing process and the constraints and opportunities connected to it in regards to component creation.

The training activity included a visit at the headquarters of Archon Studio, giving the participants the opportunity to explore the game manufacturing process: the manufacturing installations, the technical side of manufacturing (preparation of materials, 3D design, graphics etc) and attended on-spot lectures with technical experts.

In addition, the participants were able to see more aspects of the hobby, such as painting, and they were also able to see the social aspects of games by playing with people of the Ukrainian community and polish volunteers.

I-Game Project, code 2021-1-EL01-KA210-ADU-000035026,  aims to bring together people from organizations in different fields, in order to combine their different perspectives into a global understanding of the needs of each sector, so that they will become more efficient in their respective fields and be able to create/use serious board games for educational purposes. More importantly,the project aims to disseminate the results of the activities to individuals, stakeholders of education, board game industry and organizations for inclusion

Partners of the project are: Challedu (Greece), Dracon Rules Design Studio (Greece), Archon Studio (Poland), Asociatia Share Education (Romania)  

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