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Fourth newsletter of the I-Game Project!

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The project “I-GAME: Innovative GAming Methodologies in Education” aims to enhance and update the existing obsolete methods and views regarding the use of serious games in education for the benefit of various disadvantaged groups. Here comes the second newsletter of the I-Game Project! You can find out about our project’s activities and latest updates!

I_Game aims to provide practical experience sessions covering various stages of building a serious board game (e.g. needs analysis, design, creation, and implementation). Project partners contribute their expertise in different stages and target groups, such as manufacturing, technical aspects, structure and design, and needs analysis for individuals with disabilities or belonging to minorities or socially excluded groups.

Each practical session helps participating organizations develop a comprehensive understanding of each step. The individual objectives collectively strive to foster collaboration and mutual understanding among the organizations, ultimately enabling the design of a contemporary serious board game using modern industry techniques in a straightforward and attainable manner for all involved.

Summary of our experience in the third LTTA of the project

The third LTTA of the project took place in Athens, Greece, between 3-6 July 2023. This LTTA was the 3rd step in the process of elevating the use of serious games in education for the benefit of various disadvantaged groups. Thus this training activity was focused to foster understanding, collaboration, and knowledge exchange in utilizing board games for inclusive education and other areas.

Over the course of this multi-day event, presentations covered topics such as aspects of inclusion, Serious Games, and game-based learning. The participants also immerse in the innovative technique of the co-creation workshop of board games. Moreover, participants had the opportunity to meet professionals working with marginalized groups but also engage with individuals from these groups.

They explored case studies of board games designed to be more inclusive or to facilitate the engagement of marginalized groups. Also they experienced hands-on workshops, gaining insights into the benefits of game-based approaches. Cultural activities and social gatherings were also included as opportunities for networking and relaxation.

Partners meet live for the 3rd LTTA, in Athens – Greece, Challedu

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