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GreenChef: Gamifying sustainable cooking and environmental education

“GreenChef: Gamifying sustainable cooking and environmental education”: is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

Project Code: 2023-2-HU01-KA210-VET-000181362

Project duration: 01-01-2024 until 31-12-2025


The project aims to raise awareness of sustainable cooking by designing a board game, support materials and game master workshop for teachers and educators. Through this gamified approach “GreenChef” promotes sustainable nutrition, empowers educators, forges international collaboration, and contributes to the EU’s green goals and international food education efforts. It will benefit students, teachers, partner organizations, and the wider public through engaging, sustainable culinary education.


  1. Development of a board game, workshops and digital platform for sustainable culinary education.
  2. Enhanced knowledge, and behaviours of students and teachers on sustainable food choice
  3. Improved teacher competencies in using gamification for education.
  4. Strengthened capacity and network of project partners
  5. Increased awareness of the wider community in sustainable food choices and climate change.
  6. Cross-cultural learning experiences for students through international collaboration