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Inclusive Minds: Migrant women’s mental health

Inclusive Minds: Migrant women’s mental health” is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+, the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.

Project code: 2023-2-AT01-KA210-ADU-000179309

The main objective of the project is to enhance the mental health and well-being of migrant women, particularly women age 40-60. The project aims to strengthen their mental health through innovative, inclusive approaches such as an board game, promote social inclusion, facilitate exchanges with local women, and increase the understanding of service providers and policymakers. Overarching goal is to foster social inclusion of these women.


  • Enhencing the wellbeeing of migrant women living in Austria and Sweden
  • Creating a board game which addresses the topic of mental health implcetely
  • Fostering intercultural eschange and social cohesion
  • informing service providers and stakeholder on the commection of mental health and inclusion
  • Fostering the knowledge of the organisations involved in regard to the topics of mental health end social inclusion of
    migrant women

Target groups

  • The main target group of the project are migrant women, primarily aged 40 to 60 coming from third countries and seeking home in Europe. No geographical restriction is made, however, a focus will be laid on the Arab community as established networks will be used. But women from Iran, Ukraine, Afghanistan or other countries are equally welcome.
  • The second target group comprises local women, living in Greece, Austria or Sweden. In order to foster social inclusion, the local population has to be included in all activities. Integration and Inclusion is only possible when locals are willing to learn and exchange with newcomers as well. They will get the chance to learn more about the living realities of newcomers in Europe and broaden their network as well. They will benefit from this project as it fosters intercultural interactions, mutual understanding and fun gaming activities.
  • Another important target group are organisations and stakeholder working with migrant women. Middle aged and older migrant women are a target group which is hard to reach and organisations and service providers need guidelines on how to reach these women effectively and how to work with them.


  1. The main goal of this activity is to create a board game that will be used by the target groups to gain insights into mental health, social inclusion, and well-being, a board game that will serve as a journey to well-being and inclusion, will represent an interactive and innovative tool to strengthen migrant women’s mental health, foster social interactions, and promote inclusion. It offers a hands-on approach to understanding and discussing the topics of mental health and social inclusion, making it a pivotal tool in the “Inclusive Minds: Migrant women’s mental health” project.
  2. The local activities are the centerpiece of the project as it aims at transferring the lessons learned into learning activities for the target groups. The game is the main tangible outcome of the project and will be tested, used and applied in this activity. What is more, the campaign created in activity 4 will be rolled out and organised in Sweden and Austria.


Dracon Rules Design Studio,
Karditsa, Greece
Fremde Werden Freunde,
Vienna, Austria
IKF Malmo,
Malmo, Sweden
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The Inclusive Minds project is co-financed by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union and will be implemented from 1 February 2024 to 30 April 2025. This website and the project’s content reflects the views of the authors and the European Commision cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein

Project code: 2023-2-AT01-KA210-ADU-000179309