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International Conference in Arad, Romania

Dracon Rules Design Studio was honored to physically take the podium on the hybrid (physical/online) conference “Ensuring Equal Opportunities Through Educational Management and Psycho-Pedagogical Assistance in the Context of Current Challenges”, as a guest speaker invited by CJRAE Arad
The speaker presented the organization and its activities, including its branch “Association of Friends of Board Games of Karditsa”, and its efforts to promote the use of board games as tools in education. In this context, the organization’s Erasmus+ projects I-Game Project LearnArch Competences 4ESD Speak It Up were briefly presented.
The speaker presented on the topic of using o line board game platforms in the benefit of education, as tools to combat the recent challenges and increase the attractiveness of education. In addition, for the purposes of the speech, the ID GAMES results and the political game Hegemony were presented.