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Kick-off meeting of Competences4ESD project

The 1st TPM meeting of the Competences4ESD Erasmus+ project took place in Łódź, Poland between 20-21 of June 2022, providing the participants an insight of the partners and their respective organisations, communicate details on project management and implementation, develop a shared understanding of the project vision, and details of the project.

During the Kick-off meeting each partner presented their intellectual outputs, the team of Dracon Rules Design Studio presented the Output that we are in charge – 3rd Intellectual Output that aims to create the Competneces4ESD educational role-play game, serving as a tool for the trainer to ease their understanding and absorption of ESD information.

The Competences4ESD  An innovative ESD Key Competences Training Model for teachers in the frames of the 4SDG – Quality Education for  All project aims to significantly contribute to redefining the key competences of teachers in the frames of 4SDG – Quality Education for all and give a new dimension to ESD through a novel Key Competences Training Model. The project will enable teachers to overcome the educational challenges when called to involve their learners and their school community in discourses of sustainability. It is aimed to empower teachers and equip them with all the ESD key competences needed to lead future generations, respond to the vastly changing world, think critically, and systematically develop values and attitudes for a sustainable future.

Project partners:

  • Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu I Nauk O Zdrowiu – Łódź, Poland
  • Stando Ltd – Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Comparative Research  Network Ev – Berlin, Germany
  • Turun Yliopisto – Turku, Finland
  • Univerza V Ljubljani – Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Dracon Rules Design Studio – Karditsa, Greece