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Photo Gallery

Members of our Organization have participated in all kinds of projects, as Project Managers, Coordinators, Hosts and Participants. The images below are from our organization’s projects, as well as from projects our members worked on with “E-SCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GROUP“.

Transnational Project Meetings

TPMs are the backbone of a Project’s Management. Our members are experienced in implementing project management meetings, including and not limited to: meeting hosting, minutes keeping, conflict resolution, and objective focus.

Learning-Teaching-Training Activities

LTTAs present a prime opportunity for seminars, knowledge sharing and brainstorming events as well as hands-on experiences and technical visits. Our members have great experience in organizing learning sessions and key facility visits, as well as ice-breaking and cultural activities.

Special Education

Our team has great experience in managing and implementing projects aimed at people with intellectual disabilities as well as other excluded or disadvantaged groups. Inclusion is one of our main pillars, as games in education offer a prime tool for breaking down social barriers, in addition to building individual and collective confidence.

Local Events

Dracon Rules Design Studio attended Thessaly Expo ’22 that took place between 7-9 of October 2022. During the exhibition our visitors were able to experience board games and see examples of their use as tools in education and professional board game design.
During the Thessaly Expo event, Dracon Rules Design Studio presented in short their active projects to attendees, including educators, policy makers, officials, key persons.

Work with us and include serious board games in the educational process

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