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Second LTTA of I-GAME Project

Dracon RDS was proud to host the second LTTA of the I-Game “Innovative GAming Methodologies in Education” #ErasmusPlus project that took place in Karditsa, Greece, between 5-8 December 2022, providing the participants with an insight into how to bridge the various areas that need to be combined and work in parallel in order to facilitate the effective use of board games as a tool in education and other areas.

The participants had the opportunity to discuss with professionals and participate in a game design and quality control process. Therefore, they gained a new perspective on the process and understood how to use this knowledge to their advantage.

During the four days of the training activity, the participants were introduced to rules design history, including the evolution of mechanics and their categories, attended seminars on the details of identifying the categories of mechanics, learned how to select those appropriate for the end goal of the game they wish to create, and learn about proper rules structure and explanation techniques. At the end of the course, they had an open discussion on their experiences and thoughts on how to integrate it into their training routines best.

Project Code: 2021-1-EL01-KA210-ADU-000035026