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Digital Skills for Using Board Games as a Tool in Education

Main Scope

The course aims to provide enough theoretical background and practical experience to the participants, so that they will have the basic knowledge needed in order to understand how to integrate the use of board games in education, including the methods to implement them in a digital format, allowing distance learning through on-line board gaming.


The course contains a brief introduction on board game mechanics and the concepts of game design, and then moves on to lecture on the practical use of board games in education and their use as a tool in combating early school dropout. Finally, the participants will be presented with at least two third-party online board game platforms they can add to their arsenal, and practice creating and uploading the basic elements of a board game for online use.

Topic Titles


  • Welcome by the Host, Introduction of participants
  • Reflections and evaluation
  • Recognition of achievement (Europass mobility documents, participation certificates)
  • Information on the Host Organization, Course Presentation, Questions


  • Games in Education: Known Trends and Uses
  • Games in Education: Mechanics as Tools
  • Online Teaching and the use of Board Games online
  • Games as a Tool to combat Early School Dropout
  • Using games in Classroom
  • Board Game Design for Educational Use


  • Using games in Classroom – Practical insights
  • Adapting Game Mechanics for use in the Classroom
  • Simple Game Creation
  • Online Teaching and the use of Board Games online

After-hour activities

  • Useful information for the Host’s city, visit to the center
  • Group Activity: Experiencing Board Games as Players
  • Suggested Cultural Points of Interest

Results of the Course on the Participants

The participants will gain a new understanding on the depth of board games, they will learn to distinguish the most common mechanics which bind the games, they will learn to use the mechanics to create basic games for use in their classroom, they will learn to use online third-party platforms to upload and play their created board games, they will gain insight on the uses of board games in education and their contribution to combating early school dropout, they will converse in a foreign language, learn more about the local culture and habits and the host area’s sites of cultural importance.

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